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Stamped concrete, usually called textured or imprinted concrete, duplicates stones, such as slate and flagstone, ceramic tile, brick and also timber. The wide array of pattern and shade options make it popular for beautifying patio areas, pool decks, driveways and more. Furthermore, it’s an inexpensive paving choice that needs less maintenance than other products.

Because of its superior longevity and weather condition resistance, colored and stamped concrete is the perfect selection to bring the premium appearance of stone, brick, or timber to patio areas, pool decks, driveways, walkways and patios.

From an aesthetic point of view, stamped concrete is hard to beat when it comes to pattern and shade choices, which are virtually endless. Many individuals obtain ideas from their surrounding landscape or house’s building style and select patterns and colors that blend with existing stone, ceramic tile or textured concrete elements. As an example, if your home has a brick exterior, think about echoing that theme with an easy brick-patterned boundary, or select a pattern and color design that ties in with your surrounding landscape.

One of the most popular types of stamped concrete are natural stone patterns such as slate, flagstone, and fieldstone. Brick, cobblestone and timber patterns adhere to closely behind. There are additionally seamless stamps that give texture, however without joint patterns. Patterns can be pressed into the concrete also in complex projects with actions and fountains.

One of the most popular colors tend to be grays and planet tones; nevertheless, brick patterns are usually colored in red or russet tones. Colors can be mixed, split or antiqued with spots or tints, creating a practically countless list of opportunities. Numerous colors can be made use of within the same job for realistic stone pigmentation, ornamental boundaries or a different color pattern.

Because of the hand workmanship included, my ornamental concrete installations usually take numerous days or longer to finish, depending upon the intricacy of the job. To produce a customized concrete outdoor patio, for instance, I will need to make design templates, construct the kind, location and treat the concrete, include shade or tarnish, and afterwards gloss and secure the surface. All this requires time, however your perseverance will be compensated.

Find a stamped concrete contractor in your area. We are happy and honored to work as your link to the stamped concrete industry by providing useful guidance, design and concept tools, and a directory of stamped concrete professionals throughout the Twin Cities area. You can discover more at MN Valley Concrete.

Full Service Concrete Contractor Groveland

Minnesota Valley Concrete is a complete concrete contractor company, serving area. Our focus gets on providing an enduring name in the ornamental stamped concrete industry. Our goal is to see to it that throughout you are impressed with our services. From principle to design, different colors to different stamped patterns, Minnesota Valley Concrete is right here to serve Minnesotans with one goal in mind. To see to it each work is executed in a high mark of quality.

We pride ourselves with quality workmanship, attention to information and the imaginative flair to make your job special to you. Decorative concrete offers special design ideas for both property and industrial landscaping and indoor surface areas.

We understand that in today’s times that the moment we spend in and around our homes is a priceless asset. Our concrete has actually been made use of in exterior living locations such as patio areas and firepit surrounds, boosting an existing deck space or instead of a typical deck. Furthermore, we produce distinctive ornamental sidewalks, walkways and driveways.

For industrial application, think about flooring and long lasting countertop surface areas that simulate the appearance of marble, stone and ceramic tile.

We are devoted to providing attractive, cost effective concrete while using top-notch products. We invite any work, big or small, and will deal with you on making a customized seek your house or company. We work in Groveland and also serve customers in Woodland, Hopkins, Deephaven, Minnetonka, Minnetonka Mills, Wayzata, Glen Lake, Oak Terrace, Oak Knoll, Greenwood


Driveways can be made use of to individualize, welcome, and identify a residence or company. They can be designed with scores lines, stamped concrete or discolored concrete, in addition to concrete pavers, flagstone and precast concrete. You can incorporate any combination of the above to produce countless mixes of shapes, colors, appearances, and styles. We will work closely with each other to produce the perfect concrete driveway for you house or company.


Concrete aprons are the part of a driveway that smoothens the shift from garage to roadway. It helps to divert water away and not towards a structure. It is usually an inquiry of selection whether to make use of an asphalt or concrete apron.


A fractured driveway doesn’t indicate you need to approve it. Irregular concrete can present a danger and create severe injuries. We can eliminate your existing concrete and location new concrete. Concrete driveways from the past had very little to no support, or cord mesh.


Today, patio areas are fantastic for entertaining exterior. Patios can be prolonged into your living space. A well-placed plant can include warmth and comfort to an otherwise vacant yard. There are several colors and appearances to choose from. We can help you make your concept a truth.


Many basements today are finished living spaces. You can make your cellar resemble ceramic tile, slate or marble with ornamental stamped concrete. This is done by marking concrete and afterwards using control joints to resemble floor tiles squares.


Concrete walkways are one of the most vital element of any entryway. It is a key feature that defines, defines and individualizes a residence or company. You can make a sidewalk with concrete, stamped concrete or concrete pavers. You can incorporate any combination of the above to produce countless opportunities in terms of shapes, colors and appearances. We will work closely with each other to produce the perfect concrete pathway or pathway for you.

So we can discover the perfect match, we have several colors and texture stamps.


Concrete floating pieces can be made use of to construct separated garages and post structures. A great plan and a license from your city or community is crucial. The proper actions to developing a piece of quality consist of an excellent, compressed subgrade or base, density of slab and placement of cord mesh or rebar. These are simply several of the useful pointers that can be made use of to examine all elements involved in putting a premium floating slab.


You can expose accumulation by utilizing a special chemical retarder, which is either splashed on or combed on. The chemicals are related to the surface, then they remove the thin layer rose city concrete and expose the accumulation underneath.


Swimming pool decks enhance and produce a tranquil, attractive sanctuary. There are several elements to think about when making and developing concrete swimming pools decks. Several of the considerations that need to be taken into consideration consist of shade, texture, material, hand tooling, drainage, expansion/contraction joint design, connection, and compatibility.

Many pool decks can easily be redesigned using pressure cleaning, acid cleaning and discoloring. A beautiful concrete pool deck can transform the appearance of your pool. The experience of a totally free consultation and quote is a pleasure for our customers Concrete deck, Colored Concrete deck and Stamped Concrete pooldeck, Brick, Stone, pavers, and several other choices.


Our building is quick and reliable without compromising the quality of your foundation. We reduce one of the most typical mistakes in the industry by spending more time planning. We come to the website with thoroughly prepared strategies.

Our customers usually save hundreds of dollars by having a structure prepared that considers future additions or modifications to the framework. We can help you with every step of the procedure, from first grading with establishing and putting the foundation. Any kind of dimension job is feasible.