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Poured Wall Foundations

Poured wall foundations are the most common process today in building your new home. Poured wall foundations provide structural integrity and longevity that is unmatched. Minnesota valley concrete is a industry leader in poured wall foundations. Minnesota valley concrete ensures the strength of your new foundation through this process:

Concrete footings:

  1. Concrete footings are placed below the frost line to prevent the building from moving as the ground expands and contracts during freeze thaw cycles
  2. Width and depth of concrete footings are pre-determined by a structural engineer
  3. Drain tile sleeves are placed in the concrete footing to direct water To the sump basket

Poured wall foundations:

  1. Poured wall foundations are, plumb, and level so your house structure has a solid foundation to sit on
  2. Wall thickness and heights are pre-determined by a structural engineer
  3. Vertical and horizontal rebar are placed in the poured wall