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MN Valley Concrete is a concrete contractor, who specializes in decorative concrete to update any space. Used indoors or outdoors, residential or commercial, our quality work can bring your construction project to the next level.


Stamped Concrete is the process of adding texture and color to concrete to make it resemble stone, brick, slate, cobblestone and many other products found in nature including wood, fossils, shells and many more. This limitless array of possibilities combined with great durability and lower cost than natural products makes Stamped Concrete an easy choice for new construction and renovation projects.

The installation consists of pressing molds into the concrete while the concrete is still in its plastic state. Color is achieved by using Dry Shakes or Color Hardeners, Powder or Liquid Releases, Integral Colors or Acid Stains. All these products may be combined to create even more intricate designs.


Today, the “concrete” choice for a driveway has expanded to include an astounding array of decorative options. Sometimes referred to as a cement driveway or as painted concrete, decorative concrete is one of the most reasonable ways to spruce up the entrance to your home.

Concrete Driveways can invite, characterize, and personalize a residence or business. Our concrete services can design them with score lines, stamped concrete, stained concrete, textured concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, concrete pavers, flagstone, precast concrete, and any variety of styles that may compliment. There are endless shapes, colors, textures and styles by combining any of the previous. We will work closely with you to design the perfect concrete driveway for your home or business.

If you already have a concrete driveway, you can still give it a decorative makeover. The concrete industry has introduced many products and methods that can rejuvenate or resurface existing plain-gray driveways.


Today the majority of basements are a finished living area. The use of decorative stamped concrete in the basement can resemble tile, slate, marble or granite. This is achieved by imprinting the concrete, then using control joints to resemble tile squares.


Patios today are used as a great outside entertaining area. They are a extension of your living area. They can bring warmth and welcome to an otherwise open backyard. We have a wide array of colors, texture stamps, and finishing to work with. To make your concept become a reality.


Concrete walkways are the key element to any entry. It is one of the key features that invites, characterizes, and personalizes a residence or business. Walkways can be designed with stamped concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, stained concrete, textured concrete, concrete pavers, precast concrete, flagstone, gravel, stone and any variety of styles that may compliment. There are endless shapes, colors, textures and styles by combining any of the previous. We will work closely with you to design the perfect concrete walkway or pathway for you.

We have a wide array of colors, texture stamps, and finishes to work with so we can find a perfect fit.


Concrete floating slabs are generally used for detached garages or pole buildings. It all starts with a good plan, and yes a building permit from your local town or city. Some of the proper steps that go into building a quality slab are, correct placement in your property lines are, good compacted base or subgrade, thickness of slab, and placement of rebar or wire mesh. These are just a few helpful hints used to evaluate all the elements associated with pouring a high quality floating slab.


Exposed aggregate can be achieved by using a special chemical retarder that is either sprayed or brushed on. It is covered then the chemicals strip the thin layer of portland cement, un-earthing the beautiful aggregate lying beneath.


Pool Decks compliment and create a relaxing eye catching oasis. When designing and building concrete pool decks several considerations are necessary to ensure the new concrete deck will be the right fit for the location and lifestyle.Some of the considerations that should be taken into account include color, texture, material, hand tooling, drainage, expansion/contraction joint layout, continuity, and compatibility.

Many pool decks can be remodeled by pressure washing, acid washing, staining, sealing, re-grouting, and replacing and expansion material. Refresh the look of your pool with a beautiful new concrete pool deck! Our Clients enjoy the experience of a free design consultation and quote!The design limits are endless Concrete deck, Colored Concrete deck, Stamped Concrete pool deck, Brick, Stone, pavers and much more.


Concrete countertops offer a completely customizable, handcrafted surface popular in kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor entertaining areas, as well as in restaurants and bars. Concrete counters marry functionality and beauty, plus they are inherently durable and easy to clean and maintain.


You don’t have to settle for an old cracked up driveway. Uneven concrete is a hazard and could lead to serious injuries. We can tear-out your old concrete and replace it with new concrete. Most older concrete driveways had little or no reinforcement in the slab, only wire mesh.


Stamped Concrete is the process of pressing decorative or natural impressions into wet concrete using rubber stamps. This is a great way to add a unique flair to your driveway, pool deck, patio, walkway or walls.

There are many benefits to using stamped concrete. Concrete is one of the most durable building materials available for paving, which comes in handy in high traffic areas such as driveways and walkways.

Choosing stamped concrete over other paving materials such as natural stone can be a more economical choice. Done right, stamped concrete can look just as high quality as these other methods. For instance, a stamped concrete job can be installed in a portion of the time as natural materials takes, which allows contractors to be more productive.

The biggest advantage to stamped concrete is the flexibility. Concrete stamping, combined with different finishing techniques, allows for unlimited design opportunities such as aged cobblestones, brickwork, flagstones, slate tile, marble, granite, wood, or just about any natural surface.


A concrete apron is the part of a driveway that makes the transition to the garage or roadway smoother. It also helps divert water away from a building instead of towards it. Many people wonder whether to use a concrete apron or an asphalt apron.


We offer fast and efficient construction without sacrificing the quality of your foundation. By spending a little more time planning, we minimize the most common mistakes in the industry. When we arrive on site we are prepared to execute carefully considered plans.

We can often save our clients thousand of dollars by preparing a foundation that takes into account possible future changes or additions to your structure. If you want to pour a new foundation or just strengthen an existing one we will take care of every step, from initial grading to setting and pouring the foundation. We will work with you on any size project.