Color Options

For many admirers of decorative concrete, the best attribute is that each installation is totally unique. Concrete can assume nearly any shape, design, pattern or texture. But the one characteristic that most distinguishes decorative concrete is color, whether used subtly to blend with nature or boldly to make a dramatic design statement.

Frankly, unless you're a purist and prefer concrete in its plain-gray state, there's no reason not to enhance it with color. The number of different products for coloring concrete has never been greater, and many manufacturers offer an extensive palette of shades to choose from for colored concrete . And although you'll pay more for colored concrete, the amazing transformation will be well worth the investment. In the hands of a creative contractor, these coloring mediums permit an endless array of decorative effects, from rustic earth-toned sidewalks and patios that harmonize with the surrounding landscape to vibrant multicolored floors that double as works of art.

Color Textures

adobe buff

Adobe Buff

Antique Cork

Antique Cork

antique rose

Antique Rose

ash white

Ash White

autumn brown

Autumn Brown

blush beige

Blush Beige

brick red

Brick Red

buff tan

Buff Tan







cream beige

Cream Beige

dark grey

Dark Grey

desert sand

Desert Sand

dover blue

Dover Blue

dusty rose

Dusty Rose

french grey

French Grey

golden sandstone

Golden Sandstone

light grey

Light Grey

medium grey

Medium Grey



oyster white

Oyster White

pecos sand

Pecos Sand

Quarry Red

Quarry Red



sandy buff

Sandy Buff

shadow slate

Shadow Slate

slate green

Slate Green

smokey beige

Smokey Beige

smokey blue

Smokey Blue

stone grey

Stone Grey

summer beige

Summer Beige

sunbaked clay

Sunbaked Clay

sun buff

Sun Buff

terra cotta

Terra Cotta

tile red

Tile Red

venetian pink

Venetian Pink

Victorian Red

Victorian Red



weathered grey

Weathered Grey

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